Wedding Flower Decoration

Flowers have long been considered as a highlight creating a perfect decoration space for parties, conferences or events. Especially, fresh flowers are one of the most important and necessary decorative accessories for wedding ceremonies to be more splendid and meaningful. BLISS VIETNAM is proud to provide the luxurious and professional wedding flower decoration, which is in accordance with the theme and ideas of customers. Let us bring the natural beauty and meaningful message in each flower to your party.


The trend of luxurious wedding flower decoration for wedding ceremony

Wedding flower decoration at wedding gate

Both ancient and modern Vietnamese weddings are focused on rituals and formality. Wedding gate is an important detail as it makes the first impression for the guests when entering the party. Previously, because of low-income level and economic difficulties, the decoration for wedding gate was done in a simple way that is using artificial flowers. Nowadays, because living conditions are getting better, couples often want to have an impressive wedding, having their own color. Therefore, flowers are the most used materials to decorate a beautiful wedding gate.

The luxurious flower wedding gates are decorated with various fresh flowers. Usually, the color of the flower gate is also the main color of the wedding ceremony, which expresses the style of the bride and groom. Even an indoor wedding can also have a beautiful wedding flower design for the wedding gate.


The combination of grass, trees and flowers creates a mysterious, luxurious, and attractive impression on the couple's ceremony.

Wedding flower decoration combined with lights and other decorations in the banquet hall where the wedding ceremony taking place will become the focus of attention.

Wedding flower decoration on tables

The wedding table is the place where guests stay the longest time in your wedding. In order to leave the deepest impression in everyone's mind, wedding flower decoration  on the table based on the main theme will be the perfect choice.

Being able to enjoy the party in the flower scent, the guests will sense a romantic and sophisticated space for the ceremony.


Using banquet tables is becoming a new trend for the wedding season this year. Luxurious flower design combined with accessories such as flower vases, candlesticks or cups, glasses on the table also brings a luxurious and youthful impression for your wedding.

Wedding flower decoration on reception tables

The reception table or the gallery table is not just a welcoming place but also a place to tell the love story of the bride and the groom. This table is often decorated with high-quality flowers that bring an elegant, fascinating and impressive feeling, making the guests pay close attention to and even take a "selfie" with their friends.


An outdoor wedding table with flower design often uses a lot of frames as the main decoration, which can be combined with accessories such as fresh flowers, wedding cake, candles, etc.

Wedding flower decoration at the backdrop

A flower backdrop is the best choice these days as a beautifully decorated backdrop will create an impressive highlight for the party.


We can have a luxurious flower decoration with many different flowers and different colors to make a beautiful and colorful wedding backdrop, contributing to the solemn beauty for wedding day.

Wedding flower decoration for the aisle

The stage is the important place of a wedding, aiming at attracting the eyes of every guest.


Professional and luxurious flower decoration services

Many people often ignore the decorated stage; however, the stage often contributes to keeping beautiful memories on your big day. We can get ideas from the familiar image of the bride and groom or choose another theme or trend, or also use wedding flower decoration because of its romantic and serene beauty. You can combine fresh flowers with silk carpets, candles, lamps, glass. And, remember that these items should be linked with each other and with the party’s theme to have a beautiful, impressive and meaningful stage decorated.

Fresh flowers can enhance the gorgeous beauty on the big day of the couple. Wedding flower decoration will adorn the romance for the whole weddings, making your wedding party becomes very meaningful. However, fresh flowers are difficult to decorate as they are easily broken during the decorating process and must be carefully selected. So, let’s find a reputable place to have them decorate your dreamy wedding.

You can also contact Bliss Vietnam to enjoy our flower decoration service. We have a team of experienced and highly aesthetic staff who can design you a unique, artistic wedding space. The beauty of fresh flowers with bright colors will create a unique and romantic wedding space for every couple.

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