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Referring to festivals in Vietnam, people will think of both traditional festivals and foreign festivals recently introduced to our country. There are many festival decoration companies in Vietnam established due to the need to decorate these festivals. So what points should these companies pay attention to while planning for festival decoration?

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Notes for every festival decoration company in Vietnam

For traditional festivals

Vietnam has many traditional festivals throughout the year: Lunar New Year, Doan Ngo festival, Hung Kings’ death anniversary, Vu Lan festival, Mid-Autumn festival, kite festival, boat racing, etc. In short, there are many holidays in Vietnam, each holiday having a different meaning and cultural activities, contributing to the cultural diversity of our country.


Maybe many people think that a traditional Vietnamese festival has had a constant way of decoration already, not necessarily having to contact a festival decoration company in Vietnam to do anything. However, the need to enjoy the arts and the aesthetics varies from person to person. For example, older people may find it fine with traditional festive decor but young people prefer traditional decors to be combined with modern features. Therefore, in order to attract a large number of people interested and even participating in the festival, we should hire a festival decoration company in Vietnam with aesthetics and creativity to decorate a festival.

So what should we consider when designing a traditional festival decor? The most notable point is to keep what our ancestors left. Decorating for Lunar New Year? Choose the symbols of golden coins, lucky money, Phuc - Loc - Tho, apricot and peach blossoms, etc. For a boat racing festival? We can’t skip the symbols of colorful painted boat and traditional festival flags of Vietnam. What a festival decoration company in Vietnam needs to do is to combining the traditional symbols with a strong and modern manner into the decoration to retain the features of Vietnamese festivals as well as blow a fresh look in the décor.


For festivals adopted from abroad

Since our country has integrated into the world, the cultures from many countries have been spread into Vietnam and are gradually accepted by generations of Vietnamese people. Although there are still some people boycotting the holidays such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, these holidays are still the "hot" times of the year, attracting attention and participation from many people.

Halloween or Valentine’s Day is being boycotted by many because of the participants not understanding the meaning of the occasion. It seems that the young people are going out vagabonding in every holiday in Vietnam, regardless of the meaning of these holidays, accidentally making people feel negative about the holidays adopted from foreign countries.


These occasions are the time when every festival decoration company in Vietnam must pay most attention to, as many brands want to decorate their places in this time to promote their own image. The best way to please everyone is to hold events related to the history of a festival and use unique festival decorations, winning favor in the eyes of viewers.

An experienced festival decoration company in Vietnam

People may think festival decoration is just a labor-consuming job; however, it actually takes a lot of creative work. If you are not confident that you can create a unique style, why not choose a festival decoration company in Vietnam who has experiences in decorating the festival? A company having a creative team who always listen and advise their customers will surely satisfy all customers.


Bliss is a festival decoration company in Vietnam with such staff. We always put aesthetics and creativity as our primary criteria when planning decorations. With the experience of decorating many festivals such as Lunar New Year, Summer Festival, Christmas, etc., we can rest assured making customers satisfied with the decoration styles of our company. Please contact Bliss Vietnam immediately if you are in need of festival decorations!

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