New Year decoration in Vietnam

The lunar new year of 2019 is only few steps away from us. In the transition between the old year and the new year, everyone is trying to complete the decoration and clean the house so that everything will be neat and sparkling, waiting for a joyful and bright space. Have you decorated or cleaned your house to welcome a New Year? If not, then let’s go with BLISS WEDDING & EVENTS VIETNAM to look at some trends of New Year decoration in Vietnam to welcome a joyful and lucky new year!

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New Year decoration in Vietnam in 2019

Year-end home decoration is something almost all Vietnamese families do to prepare for Tet. In addition to cleaning or repainting the house, choosing beautiful New Year decorations in Vietnam is also an indispensable part to bring more spring feeling to each house.

New Year decoration with spring flowers

Peach blossom or apricot blossom is a symbol of a new year. These two flowers are respectively representing for the two region of Vietnam - the South and the North. They’re both bringing the meaning of Tet, having the symbol of proliferation, bringing fortune and a joyful atmosphere, full of energy for the living space.

You can place these flowers on any side of the house depending on the space to show off their beauty and bring the spring to your space.


In addition to two traditional flowers which are peach and apricot blossom, we can have a New Year decoration in Vietnam with other kinds of flowers such as raspberries, azaleas, cockscombs, gerberas, orchids, etc.  Depending on your preferences and economic conditions, you can choose any type of flowers you like.

New Year decorations with parallel sentences

According to the mindset of Vietnamese in particular and of Oriental countries in general, red is the color that symbolizes happiness. The red parallel sentences are the indispensable accessory for Lunar New Year. They can be hung on ancestral altars or in the lobbies of companies, offices, etc... These sentences carry a lot of good meaning. It is inevitable that Tet atmosphere in Vietnam cannot be completed without red parallel sentences.

New Year decorations with Lantern


Beside peach & apricot blossoms or red parallel sentences, lanterns are also accessories of New Year decoration in Vietnam showing the signs of a new spring. Hanging lanterns at Tet is a common practice for many families as lantern brings lots of happiness to the family. The warm light from lanterns makes the moments soothing and peaceful than ever. Nowadays, lanterns are made from many different materials such as paper, silk, plastic, etc. with colorful colors like red, yellow, orange, etc., which is easily become the highlight of Tet.

Red lanterns can be hung inside the house or hall, even at the gate, carrying the wish for a lucky and peaceful new year.

Making highlights for the space

The door is the place to show owner’s organization. As the door is compared to be the eyes of the house, you can create the highlight for your door by decorating it. Parallel sentences, lanterns, apricot blossoms, New Year's greetings, etc. will be the most effective items for New Year decorations in Vietnam.


Your space will become different only by using a beautiful small flower pots placed in the corner, at the dining table, living room, or a DIY light string, etc. These things can make your house become beautiful and being filled with spring atmosphere.

Where to have New Year decoration in Vietnam?

New Year's decoration is a good tradition of Vietnamese people throughout many generations. The Vietnamese often think that if the start of the year is filled up, you will be lucky whole year round. Bearing in mind this thought, most families in Vietnam are always putting much effort to decorate their houses to welcome a new year in a warm, cozy atmosphere. However, to have a meaningful, beautiful yet economical New Year’s decoration is not easy. So, let BLISS WEDDING & EVENTS VIETNAM update the trends of New Year decoration in Vietnam for you right now!

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