Vietnam shopping center decoration

A shopping center is usually a crowded place, whether it is on a normal day or holidays. We often see large advertising banners with a series of brands outside the shopping centers, making a glorious scene. In every holiday, these centers seem to be wearing much more splendor and gorgeous decorations. Let’s take a look with Bliss Vietnam at some occasions for Vietnam shopping center decoration throughout a year!

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Occasions for Vietnam shopping center decoration

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in Vietnam. In addition to buying things at shopping centers, people also enjoy the beautifully decorated scenes in the centers, supermarkets, stores, hoping a better new year will come. On this occasion, we often see the Vietnam shopping center decoration with red parallel sentences & lanterns, banh chung & banh tet, pink peach blossoms, yellow apricot blossoms, etc. It seems like the commercial centers will bring the freshest colors for their decorations to welcome a new spring and a hopeful year.



Although not an official holiday in Vietnam, Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) is always welcomed here. The shopping centers seem to be immersed in red and pink color and countless hearts symbolizing love. Going to a shopping center decorated like that, people will feel their mind become more gentle and tolerant. However, there are a few years when our Lunar New Year coinciding with the Valentine's Day so this occasion must give way to the traditional New Year.

Vietnamese Women's Day and International Women's Day

The two holidays celebrating womanhood may not be as prominent as many other holidays; however, it is an occasion when the shopping center is changing the new appearance. We often see a lot of flowers, especially roses, being used to decorate the mall. The meaning of this Vietnam shopping center decoration is comparing women being as beautiful as flowers. This is also the time when department stores at shopping centers offer a variety of promotions to attract women customers to their stores.


Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is also an important occasion for the Vietnamese people. In this occasion, the Vietnam shopping center decoration focuses on the colorful lanterns and the symbols such as 5-pointed star-shaped lanterns, the lion dance, mooncakes. Coming to the shopping centers on this occasion, both children and adults can admire and observe the magnificent lanterns hanging all over the center.



Though it is a new holiday was introduced to Vietnam recently, Halloween still has attracted many young people. On this occasion, Vietnam shopping center decoration often contains pumpkins and ghost symbol as well as uses the theme of yellow-orange and black color. Although these things are all familiar symbols of Halloween, we can see the creativity of the decorator by their own layout and ideas.


This seems to be the holiday that the Vietnam shopping center decoration is the most glorious in the year. Inspired by the Christmas tree and the Santa Claus sleigh, the centerpiece of the mall is decorated with green-red or golden-white tones, combined with luminous LED lights. This is also a chance for young people to go check-in at many shopping centers in the city because each mall has a different decoration.


Each of the splendidly decorated shopping centers can also be considered as a "little wonder" on a holiday. Although the decorations are all familiar things such as apricot blossom, peach blossom, Christmas tree, the heart, pumpkin, etc., they can make a shopping center become more lavish, more splendid, especially at night, thanks to the wonderful creativity of the decorators. The materials used to decorate the commercial center are also familiar materials such as led lights, lanterns, decal paper, etc. All these things are gathered to create a Vietnam shopping center decoration, bringing a cozy feeling and making people eagerly wait for the big holidays.

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