Window Display Decoration in Vietnam

What is the most prominent feature of a fashion store? The answer is its Window Display. It plays an important role in marketing, branding and sales of a brand. Nowadays, the top fashion brands in the world as well as many Vietnamese fashion brands always make an impression on customers with luxurious and unique window displays. Designing window displays is not easy because it should match the products of each brand and the targeted customers. Therefore, BLISS WEDDING & EVENTS VIETNAM would like to share some Vietnam Window Display decoration trends. We hope that you will get more ideas for Window Display decoration in Vietnam.

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Vietnam window display decoration trends

Window Display is the display area in front of the showrooms or stores, aiming at attracting customers’ attention. It is common for shopping centers or famous brands to have Window Display decoration in Vietnam in the front glass of the store.

An elegant and unique window display could express a professional image and the brand hierarchy. Window displaying plays an important role in marketing, contributing to the effectiveness of the sales campaign.

Unlike the way the product is displayed on mannequins, these windows are always impressive from the beauty outside and the message inside.

Window Display decoration in Vietnam with Theme

To create attractiveness for showrooms or fashion boutiques, Window Display must impress the customers. Window Display decoration in Vietnam refreshes the store through every season. The themes can be derived from any idea in everyday life and set in a colorful style. Decorating your space based on a specific theme will support sale promotion or discounts.


Seasonal Window Display Decoration in Vietnam

The display is designed to change every season; therefore, the decorated space is also changed based on the holidays such as Valentine, Christmas, New Year. The more extraordinary the space can be, the more positive effect it can creates.

Idea is always the most important part of making beautiful Window Display decorations in Vietnam. Besides, the support of lighting systems and luxurious glasses also make the decorations become more prominent and lively.


Customers can be impressed by a simple, classic yet elegant and impressive layout. Mannequin is decorated with a cool look together with the white-silver background to highlight the window display and fascinate whoever passes by.

Traditionally, the brands or department stores will change this window display about four times each year to match the theme of each shopping season.


Notes for Vietnam Window Display Decoration

The main objective of Window Display is to attract the attention of customers.

Choose the best outfit for mannequins.

Must express the professionalism, the brand hierarchy and emphasize the store.

Use new and creative ideas as well as outstanding and unique colors.

The ideas for Vietnam Window Display decoration that Bliss Wedding & Events Vietnam has introduced above might help those who have been working in the fashion business to find their own ideas to create beautiful Window Display for themselves.

You can come to Bliss Wedding & Events - a professional for Window Display Decoration in Vietnam - for more advices on choosing your own decorative ideas because we have many unique concepts and impressive décor as well as years of decorating experience.

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