How much does it cost to organize Vietnam beach weddings?

It is a great idea for couples who fall in love with the romantic and beautiful natural beauty of the sea and beach choosing to organize Vietnam beach weddings. The beauty of the blue sea, soft white sandy beach, green mountains and dark green coconut palms will harmonize with the style of wedding ceremony to creat a simple but elegant wedding. However, the cost of holding Vietnam beach weddings is always a concern because according to professional wedding planners, the cost of beach wedding party will be higher than the cost of it in the restaurant. Is the information correct and what does the cost of holding a beach wedding include?

Vietnam beach weddings

What does the cost of Vietnam beach weddings include?


According to Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam - professional Vietnam beach wedding planner, the minimum cost you have to spend when holding a beach wedding is over 200 million VND (equivalent to US $8567) per 50 guests. However, the increase of this number can not be determined because it depends on many other factors.

Vietnam beach wedding planner

The cost depending on the wedding venue

In Vietnamese country, there are many beautiful beaches for you to choose for your perfect beach wedding but depending on the popularity of the beach, the costs vary. At some beach resorts, you will be asked to pay for your own rental and organizational expenses, but some will only require you to pay for the organization. First, you should estimate the cost of renting the premises, then survey the price of the place whose fee fits your wedding budget.

Vietnam beach weddings

The cost depending on the time to celebrate the beach wedding

You have heard about Vietnamese wedding season - the moment many Vietnamese couples hold their wedding parties. In the wedding season, the cost of any wedding venue or banquet issues is likely to increase based on the business plan of the profesional wedding planners or the rental wedding organizations. If your costs are limited then avoid celebrating these times. Autumn is usually the Vietnamese wedding season because the air is cool and airy.

Vietnam beach wedding planner

The cost depending on the style of the wedding reception

Each style of beach wedding decor, cost for accessories, furniture and decor ideas will be different. The beach wedding costume will cost you about 20 million VND ($856) if you hire a reputable wedding venue.

Vietnam beach wedding planner

The cost depending on the meal

This is probably the most costly part of the whole picture of wedding plan. Different restaurants at different locations have different price differences. In addition, the cost increase depends on the food and the amount you place. A beach wedding party usually involves around 100 people. As a result, your party expenses for the meal may be more generous.

Vietnam beach wedding decoration

How to save cost wedding decoration?

Although it is hard to cut back the factors that the cost of beach wedding depends on, you can still save on the high-end Vietnam beach wedding decoration.

You can consider using artificial flowers, ie flowers made of silk, clay and more instead of fresh flowers. The beautiful wedding scene that you can make with artificial flowers is not different when using fresh flowers because artificial flowers today are made extremely sophisticated and unique. Less important places such as the reception desk, banquet tables or seating can be replaced with artificial flowers. In some wedding places, the price of fresh flowers can be very low because of the scarcity or the availability of flowers.

Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam

In addition, you can decorate the seats with leaves or twigs, or banners instead of fresh flowers. The cost of these leaves is also cheaper than that of fresh flowers but its effect on the wedding decor is not small. Between the soft white sandy beaches, the yellow sunlight, the blue sea, and the green leaves will highlight the space of your wedding reception and bring the cool and elegant feeling for guests.

Vietnam beach wedding decoration

Finally, choose a reputable wedding planner. Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam, with years of experience organizing high-grade wedding party at Vietnam famous beaches, is proud to be the best choice for you. Our professional consultants will help you make your choice of venue, decorating style and menu, restaurant, party and more fit the budget you give. There is nothing to stop you coming to your dream beach wedding when you go with Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam.

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