Beach Wedding in Vietnam

“Destination Wedding” is one of the wedding trends that is quite popular and selected by couples in Vietnam. This is a kind of wedding combining honeymoon at the place they celebrate instead of holding your wedding ceremony in the traditional way. Vietnam is one of the attractive places for beach weddings with attractive tourist beaches such as DaNang - Hoi An, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Mui Ne - Phan Thiet ... These are the perfect places for couples to celebrate and then enjoy a meaningful honeymoon with their guests. However, to have a perfect wedding, Bliss has a few things to share below for them.


The most mistake couples make while choosing a location is to choose any resort or beach to organize their wedding party. Before deciding the place, couples need to consider the wind direction, safety, capacity of the place whether will be suitable to celebrate the wedding or not. In Vietnam, some beautiful beaches are chosen by many couples to hold wedding ceremonies such as Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, and Vung Tau.
Recently, couples tend to choose luxury resorts, hotels by luxury space, not disturbed by tourists. However, couples should also research carefully about the experience of the place where they plan to organize because the experienced resorts and resorts will have a plan to help the bride and groom get better in organizing a beach wedding party in a private, cozy way.


Celebrating a wedding on the beach does not only require a creative mind and effort to spend a lot harder than a traditional wedding party but also there is always a problem: the cost. Wedding parties at the sea will be much more expensive than the traditional ones. It is difficult to know exactly because it depends on the number of guests and requests from the simple to the complex of the bride and groom such as décor, sound, lighting, transportation cost for all guests. However, the lowest cost of this kind of wedding is estimated from 10,000 to 20,000 USD (200-400 million VND).


Weather is also another problem. The bride and groom need to calculate the time going to organize for the weather to be dry, less windy weather, cool. Late afternoon is a great time to hold the ceremony because at this time the temperature in the sea has decreased, cool. The outdoor tent is also a necessary backup to ensure that the process continues smoothly if it rains.


Wedding parties at the sea should not be decored too fussy and intricate. The blue of beaches or the beautiful resort space has also contributed greatly to the wedding to be more luxury and gorgeous. When choosing a style to decorate, you should choose images related to the sea such as sea snail, starfish, boats ... 


The foods for guest should be cool, suitable for the sea atmosphere with the main styles made from seafood materials. A sweet fruity drink or cool cocktails is the perfect choice for a drink menu at your beach wedding party.
The bride should choose a thin, cool silk dress to match the spacious space of sea. The groom should also look for light vests to be compatible with the bride.
In addition, sandals will be the right choice for beach weddings. You should also prepare some open-toed slippers or shoes for the guests so that the guests feel that they receive good cares from the smallest things.

Wedding Planners:

The time to prepare the wedding is the period that easily leads to tense conflicts between couples as this is the first time for them to hold a big party with such a large number of guests. To limit conflicts, Wedding Planners is one of the best solutions. With their experiences, they will work together on plans, ideas and give advice about appropriate services from restaurants, taking photos, filming to wedding cards. Moreover, they will prepare more carefully such as beach slippers, insect repellent, manage the program to make the party more exciting with attractive items.

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