REAL WEDDING: Luxury Echanted Forest Wedding Decoration In Vietnam

"A chic and ever enchanted wedding in the fairytale forest” is the main topic for REAL WEDDING today!

In the afternoon of a light windy, Huy and Hien came to Bliss in the hope of holding a meaningful wedding ceremony to keep their memories like other couples. The bright smile so purely and sincerely as well as having a bit of mischief is the first impression of Bliss with this young bride. “I want my wedding space to be organized like in an old castle locating in the attractive, magical forest. I believe in Bliss”, this is the message the bride sending to Bliss. 

As the expectation of the bride, Bliss has prepared for her party so meticulously from ideas, colors to the construction period. With the Maze garden concept, everyone attending the party seems to be lost in an ancient castle with a mysterious forest and the appearance of the bride will be like a beautiful princess. The brightest person on a special day.

As soon as you enter the reception area, surely everyone will be surprised and curious about the labyrinth models before being in front of the walkway. To be able to reach the banquet hall, guests must overcome these maze walls which is also the symbol for 5 years loving of Huy and Hien. Beginning as a friend of each other, eventually, they used to travel half of the world and spend time searching their real love. At last, they realize they belong to each other. The winding paths of the labyrinth are also the obstacles of both: geographical distance, time, and difference of views. However, if you keep patients, wakefulness, no matter how long and dark the maze is, you will be able to pass through it. “Although our views and personalities are very different. With me, when we love, we still have many choices, but when it comes to marriage, we need to have enough sympathy, understanding and concession, all difference, divergences, we can overcome it. Hence, at this moment, I believe that I already have all those factors. I choose her as my last partner for my life. In my eyes, she is always a girl like the first day we met in the US: a small and pretty girl ", the door of happiness has opened for those who are always sincere in love.

With three main colors: dark green, bronze gold and puce, the wedding space extremely gorgeous like a wonderland. The tall and beautiful old trees spread out with green and sparkling light from the fairy lights, the wedding space in the forest is even more enchanting and magical than ever.

King and Queen chess are one of the special and fancy details that make a highlight for the party.

Maze garden is one of the concepts that are still quite new for couples. For those who like the new and but still elegant and charming, this concept should be considered. With all enthusiasm, Bliss always wants to bring perfect gifts to her couples. Happiness and satisfaction of customers are the motivation for Bliss to strive in the future.

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