Christian Ancestral Ceremony Decoration

"What God has joined together, let no man put asunder". Marriage is an important thing for Christians, these ceremonies are held very closely and very seriously. Christian rituals must always have a Vicar or a Priest as God’s presence in this important ceremony, as a witness that God will allow these two to marry each other. Below is a Christian ancestral ceremony that Bliss decorated with garish, burning Burgundy color.

Altar Decoration for ancestral ceremony - Bliss wedding planner Vietnam

Altar Decoration for ancestral ceremony - Bliss wedding planner Vietnam

Decorating the altar of the marriage of the two of you in front of the witness of God and the wishes of each party is really a big part of the sacred ceremony. But do you know that decoration also contributes to that sacred? Bliss used a large amount of red flowers to cover the Lord's Cross to highlight and show the honor of the Lord's power. In addition, you can increase the solemnity by hanging the slogans "God is love" or "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder”.

Ancestral Ceremony Decoration with Red burgundy

Bliss chose the Burgundy red color for the ancestral ceremony decoration: garish, burning shows the fidelity and a full life ahead of the couple with God.

Wedding Arch in Ancestral Ceremony

Wedding Arch in Ancestral Ceremony

A lot of people are afraid of using red color in their wedding because it can be boring. However, with the creativity and skills in design, Bliss will help you create a gorgeous arch with this traditional color. Bliss used Burgundy red color as the main color and covered the flower arch with red roses and added some purple orchids to highlight the main color but still kept its brilliance.

Ancestral Ceremony Decoration by Bliss

Ancestral ceremony is a very important part of Vietnamese weddings. This is a ritual performed on the day of pre-wedding, wedding, showing respect and remembrance of descendants with grandparents and ancestors. This respect cannot only be said in words, but it is expressed through the focus on adorning the beautiful, full-ritual traditional ceremony. Therefore, let Bliss help you get a formal, solemn but still meaningful ceremony with many different concepts.

After the traditional ancestral ceremony, Bliss also helped the couple to set up a wedding party at The Reverie Saigon with pink pastel as the main color. Moreover, Bliss also added blue pastel hydrangea flower to increase the sweetness and romance for their big day.

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