The Ideal Destination For Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh

An outdoor wedding in Hochiminh City is attracting many couples because of the airy and pleasant space. Besides, the bride and groom can also decorate the party in a new and unique style for their romantic wedding, especially for the most important day of their life. Many forms of outdoor wedding parties are available for you including a garden wedding in Hochiminh, poolside wedding, and wedding in the park. If you have no idea about the ideal wedding venue for outdoor weddings, please refer to these following places in Hochiminh City.

The ideal wedding venues for an Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh

 A.    Tourist Area

 Thao Dien Village tourist area

 Thao Dien village is located in District 2, not too far from the center. It offers the perfect wedding space for an outdoor wedding in Hochiminh, especially, for a garden wedding in Hochiminh. Space serves about 300 guests with a beautiful view of the river.

Please note that because it is an outdoor wedding venue, the lawn cannot be as smooth as expected.

 Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh


Villa Saigon River

 Villa Saigon River belongs to Thao Dien village, therefore, it enjoys the advantages of this area. It is an ideal place for a small wedding with 300 guests. It offers romantic poolside and lush green grass. Thus, you can celebrate a garden wedding in Hochiminh or poolside wedding. If you decide to organize a ceremony and a party in two areas, you should pay attention to make a guide for your guests.

 An Lam Villa

 An Lam Villa is located on the border between Saigon and Binh Duong. It is a great wedding venue because it has a clean lawn and a large swimming pool. Although the landscape is lacking in nature, it still looks modern and fresh. Because it is located in an area far away from the center, you should arrange a shuttle to your outdoor wedding in Hochiminh.

 Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh

 Bride and Groom can also decorate the outdoor wedding in Hochiminh in a new style to make a special mark for the most important day of his life.

Lan Anh Village

Lan Anh Village is a villa and entertainment area built on an area of 4 hectares, adjacent to the Saigon River. It offers a modern view, many green trees, and fresh air. The restaurant is located next to the swimming pool and close to the Saigon River. Thus, it is suitable for outdoor and indoor parties. Besides, it has a rich and diverse menu which fulfill all requirements of the bride and groom. This is one of the ideal wedding venues for an outdoor wedding in Hochiminh.

 Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh Outdoor wedding venue in Lan Anh village

 Binh An Village

With private space, beautiful grass, green trees, and spacious space, Binh An Village is the favorite place for many couples who are preparing for a garden wedding in Hochiminh. There are many private spaces with classical architecture which is suitable for weddings with a moderate number of 300-400 guests. This is an ideal location for rustic wedding decorations.

 Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh

An outdoor wedding in Hochiminh is organized by Bliss Wedding Planner Vietnam in Binh Anh Village.

 The Deck Saigon

 With a romantic, modern and luxurious European-style design, The Deck Saigon is located in District 2 which is not far away from the center of Saigon. The location still has a poetic landscape with Western-style trees and rivers. Separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, an outdoor wedding in Hochiminh along the Saigon River will retain a private, peaceful and romantic space.

It is great for the couples to celebrate the wedding in the afternoon in The Deck Saigon. When the sunset is falling, there is a beautiful and brilliant view of the Saigon River. It is time for The Deck Saigon to show its most beautiful and advantages.

Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh

Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Because the outdoor wedding area is quite large, you will have difficulty moving when it rains so pay attention to the weather.


B.    Hotels

 Rex Hotel

The garden here can all be the perfect outdoor wedding venue for you. Space is impressive, convenient to serve about 200 guests.

 Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Rex Hotel Saigon

Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Poolside wedding at Legend Hotel

Can the outdoor wedding party be held in the city center hotel? Yes, it is in Legend Hotel. There is an impressive point at Lotte Legend. The pool can be used to hold an outdoor wedding in Hochiminh. This place can be suitable for a party of about 400 guests.

The space is really special to hold a wedding party.

 Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Park Royal hotel


Space will bring a cozy feeling to the large and airy banquet hall for romantic outdoor weddings. If you choose this location for your outdoor wedding in Hochiminh, you can unleash your creative decoration in your own way. The area can serve about 400 people.

 Garden wedding in Hochiminh

If organizing a small wedding of 50-80 guests, the couple can choose unique locations such as a small restaurant with a garden or pool, a bar with outdoor space, a cafe with a garden.

 Hotel Nikko

 Located right in the city center, the garden space is small, romantic and cozy for your wedding.

 Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Nikko Garden Saigon

Which restaurant is great for an Outdoor wedding in Hochiminh?


1960 Presidential Club Restaurant

Located on the top floor of Sailing Tower, the landscape is beautiful and unique. If you plan to have a wedding party with about 200 guests, you can choose this area. The cool green pool and catwalk stage are the facilities of this area.

 Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Ly’s Club Restaurant

With French architecture and shimmering effects, the restaurant is suitable for about 200 guests. Ly’s Club is also convenient for moving when the weather changes.

 Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Garden wedding in Hochiminh

Tajmasago Restaurant

Located on the bank of Ban Nguyet Lake (District 7), its architecture of the building can make your wedding party sparkling. However, it is only suitable for about 200 guests, and the price is quite high.

Garden wedding in Hochiminh

 If organizing a small wedding, from 50-80 people, the couple can choose unique locations such as small restaurants with gardens, bars with outdoor space, cafes with gardens such as The Deck, Chill Sky Bar, Sin lounge, M Bar, and more. However, these are not places that specialize in weddings, so if you choose, you need to consider carefully the organization.





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