Top decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019

Spring is coming and the Tet atmosphere is spread in every corner. People are busy looking for a suitable decoration style for Tet, finding a glorious and happy decoration style which can bring the cozy feeling to every family. This is also the time when people start cleaning their houses, offices, shops or companies to welcome a new spring with the desire of bringing good luck for a new year and eliminate the past year's bad luck. If you are wondering which style of decoration you should choose for your space, let's explore the top decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019 with BLISS WEDDING & EVENTS IN VIET NAM and pick out a unique style of decoration for this New Year Holiday!

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Top beautiful and cozy decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019

1. Decorate with glorious red color

Although we are all familiar with the red color in every Tet holidays, the red color bringing the traditional feeling will never be outdated if we know how to combine it with other colors. To decorate a perfect Lunar New Year space, we should depend on the culture and customs of each region such as red couplets, red envelopes and even the red objects on the altar of the family. These items are all intertwined to create a cozy space for spring. Depending on the viewpoint and aesthetics of each person, you can choose your own decoration styles featuring this brilliant red color.

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2. Decorate with apricot, peach blossom

It is common in every New Year holiday that each house will have a branch or apricot or peach blossom. It is a custom that we all imprint in our mind for every Tet. In this year, the decoration trend for Lunar New Year 2019 with peach and apricot blossom is still the most interesting trend of all. Instead of using only apricot or peach blossom, we can decorate these flowers with a few accessories to make them more beautiful and bring a pleasant feeling and a brilliant space in each spring.

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3. Wallpapers

As wallpapers often have vibrant colors or lively and attractive images, this decoration trend has been chosen by many families. Wallpapers are neither sophisticated nor difficult to hang up but colorful as a new spring. You can buy wallpapers anywhere such as markets, supermarkets, shops, stores, etc. It is not too difficult to choose a perfect wallpaper pattern for your place, right?

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4. Mascot

Another decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019 which is quite prominent is using each mascot corresponding for each year. The mascot model is a representative item and bringing a soul for the decorated space. Depending on your idea and creativity, you can decorate your mascot become more lively and prosperous than ever.

golden pig lunar new year decoration bliss vietnam


traditional vietnamese lunar new year decoration bliss vietnam

vietnam lunar new year decoration

5. Lanterns decoration

One of the trends in decorating your house is using lantern - an item that is indispensable in every spring. Lanterns with different designs and colors, beautifully decorated, will give you a more brilliant space. With simple design and reasonable price, let's choose lantern - one of the decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019 - to make the different feeling!

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Top decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019 which will please you

The decorating tradition of our country contains Chung Cakes, red couplets, etc. to make people feel Tet atmosphere is coming. However, we can combine these decoration trends for Lunar New Year 2019 as BLISS has suggested. This decorating combination will be subtle as it is based on the combination of the tradition and modernity to prepare for a happy new year.

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