Plan a wedding in Vietnam

If you are a foreigner and want to have a wedding in Vietnam, you should be aware of these following things:

Mind things when you plan a wedding in Vietnam

Mind the weather

The weather in Vietnam is usually divided into 2 seasons: rainy and sunny time. When it comes to sunny season, it will be super hot for many foreigners. And when it rains, it will come with sudden rain and some uncomfortable wind blow. So, remember to mind the weather to repair for unexpected situation.


The weather in Vietnam is sometimes tough for a wedding. Mind it and plan well for your big day

The venue

Unlike other countries, Vietnamese tend to choose restaurants to hold wedding. The outdoor wedding is just a new trend in Vietnam these years. Please note that the budget for renting the venue at outside in Vietnam is always higher than in restaurants in some cases. Couples should consider carefully about this issue when planning a wedding in Vietnam.


Choose a venue for wedding ceremony in Vietnam must be wisely and carefully

Tradition and modern

Like other Asian countries, Vietnam is full of wedding tradition. Make sure that you don’t break too many traditions when you want to tie a knot with a Vietnamese. Because Vietnamese parents still have much involve in their children wedding.


Combination of tradition and modern for wedding in Vietnam

Seek for help

And if you want to have a wedding in Vietnam but still be confused with tradition, wedding custom in vietnam, venue etc. the suggestion is you should seek for help from wedding planner or vendors. They will share a bulk of hard work with you.


Find a good wedding planner in Vietnam for your wedding is a good choice

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