Wedding ideas suitable for Vietnamese

Wedding ideas in Vietnam is a little bit different from other countries because it is still affected by tradition and Asian customs. So what are the suitable choices for a wedding in Vietnam?


The right color

Vietnamese tend to use pastel or creamy color such as white, ivory or light pink for wedding. Those color are seemed to be the best wedding ideas in Vietnam. However, with some of modern thoughts nowsaday, some lovebirds like other special color like hot pink, tiffany blue, dark red, purple or light green etc.



Mind the elders

With the respect of the elders in wedding, Vietnamese mind them a lot when choosing wedding ideas. For that, wedding in Vietnam should be polite and elegant if there is the elders. In tradition families, the elders are also have influences on bride and groom with choosing all things for wedding.


The modern and tradition combination

For ages, Vietnamese like wedding in modern and tradition mixture - the traditional engagement in the morning and a Western style wedding party in the evening. So, now, you can add some traditional features in wedding so that it will be more suitable for Vietnamese.


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