Tips for the first family meeting

Many people are afraid of the first her/his partner’s family meeting. Especially in a rich cultural country like Vietnam, there are lots of things that you must pay attention to if you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your partner’s parents.

What to wear

It’s nesessary to spend time and think about what to wear in that day. You should wear appropriate clothes, neither too informal nor formal.

For men, it’s the best with shirt into jeans or trousers; meanwhile a gentle and girly, not so sexy for women. Moreover, if you have tattoo, must remember to cover it with your clothes because Vietnamese people don’t have good impression with tattoo.


Prepare a bouquets or a fruit basket as a gift for partner family is a good choice. You don’t need present all the family member, just a small and sophisticate gift is the best. But, if there are children in the family, you should have candies or chocolates for them, because they will be your wonderful allies in the future.



Ask for information

Before coming to your partner house, you should ask for her/ his family first. For example, some Vietnamese families are very traditional, they don’t like talking or having a phone call when having dinner. You should aware of those family issues.




As Vietnam is atradition respectful country, you should behave well in partner house.

-         You shouldn’t drink or smoke even his/ her parents invite you. In this case, you can refuse politely, if you can’t let them down, you just drink little, don’t be drunk.

-         Cuddling, showing off your relationship too much or bringing you two problems in the meeting is not good at all. You should save all the things for privacy.

-         Don’t try to be boastful and talk too much. Besides, if your partner isn’t next to you, try to be natural with his/ her family.

-         Women should offer a hand to wash the dish or clean up the table.

-         Say “goodbye” in a Vietnamese proper ways will gain more scores.

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