There are many new trends of planning for the wedding day, especially for young couple nowadays. Couples also have countless desires for wedding ideas, especially for a wedding with a specific concept. Among these ideas, the style of rustic decoration is the style which have been chosen the most. Why do people choose to decorate a rustic decoration for luxury weddings Vietnam? Let’s figure it out with the Bliss Wedding Planner via the below article:

Rustic Decoration Style by Bliss Wedding Vietnam
Rustic Decoration Style by Bliss Wedding Vietnam

The reasons to choose the rustic style for a wedding

Rustic style is a concept resembling country space which is closed and gentle. A rustic wedding party is pre-arranged yet still bring improvisation, creating a peaceful wedding space.
The rustic style offers a romantic and poetic space with a dark brown color of wood, canvas fabric  or natural flowers.
Especially, for outdoor weddings like Vietnam beach weddings, light and natural colors will surely add more effects on this rustic decoration style.
Vietnam beach weddings
So what can we do to decorate a rustic-style ceremony? Bliss would like to suggest some ideas for couples who want to enjoy a rustic wedding which is simple yet splendid:
- Decorating with fresh flowers: A rustic wedding reception will impress the guests with fresh flowers decorated from the gates to the aisles, from the table to the stage.
Couples can use luxurious flowers (such as Ecuadorian roses, peony, orchids, etc.) or if you have to use dry flowers, choose the luxury dry flowers such as lavender, phalaris flowers, etc.
- Decorating the seats for guests: In a normal Vietnam wedding ceremony, the guests' chairs are often overlooked and not decorated. However, with a rustic wedding banquet, we can attach decorative items such as flowers, branches of leaves, seat number on chiffon or canvas fabrics, etc.
Vietnam wedding ceremony

Vietnam wedding planners

- Using wooden decor items: The rustic style also goes with wooden materials such as wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden frames, etc. In addition, if the wedding is held in the outdoor space with tall trees, we can also decorate on these branches.

- Using your handwriting: Another highlight for your rustic wedding is your handwriting. We can use handwriting to write on the signboard, to record the sitting position of the guest, etc. Handwriting will also make people feel the meticulous on every smallest details of the organizers.
Vietnam wedding coordinators
- Using decorative lights: Another item that is indispensable for wedding with rustic style is the decorative lights. LED lights can be used around the venue or you can use chandeliers, lamps in the tables to bring a warm space.
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Bliss Vietnam - The planner of wedding with concepts in Vietnam

These are just some of Bliss's suggestions for a rustic wedding concept. If you and your partner are planning to have a personal wedding, including rustic, vintage or any unique concept and want to make it a reality, contact Bliss right away.

Bliss Wedding Planner is a wedding planner for luxurious wedding in Vietnam. With the strength of planning for personalized weddings, Bliss will help you come up with ideas and make plans for a perfect wedding of your life!

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