Top wedding décor trends in 2018

Wedding is the most important event in a person’s life. To have a completely happy wedding day, you definitely cannot skip decorations. Top wedding décor trends in 2018 which BLISS predicts to dominate this year will definitely help you design a perfect wedding space. Please refer to the following trends to design your perfect wedding!

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Top highlighting wedding décor trends in 2018

You can refresh your wedding space by following the wedding decorating tips below to make your party more stylish and sophisticated. A clever selection of color tones combined with accessories in a harmonious and elegant way will definitely catch your guests’ eyes. Below are top wedding décor trends in 2018 that are currently favored among young couples.
1. Rustic Wedding

This rustic style combined with the green color gives us the feeling of standing in the middle of a rustic nature rather than a closed uncomfortable room. From bouquets which are a combination of dark and multi-layered flowers to chaplets on the brides’ head, all bring a strong sense of nature to the wedding party. This is definitely an outstanding wedding décor trend in 2018. The combination of gorgeous grass green with dark colors and candles creates coziness, rusticity yet delicacy for the wedding.

wedding décor

2. Bronze color wedding décor 

If you want your wedding to sparkle and attract all eyes by the combination of metal colors and lights, the metal is an indispensable element in the decoration because silver and gold create more elegance in the ceremony. Bronze color is predicted to become the centerpiece in wedding decorations along with the bronze tone flower patterns embossed on wedding cards or on bridal wedding shoes. All of them blend together creating a solemn and elegant ceremony following a modern wedding décor trend.

wedding décor

3. Crystal wedding décor 

A noticeable style for this year's wedding and be indispensable for any modern and luxurious the wedding ceremony is glass. Speaking of glass, we often think of “luxury” when it is used as a highlight for a wedding thanks to its transparent and incomparable features. A combination of flowers, transparent glass cups and sparkling crystals will bring you a memorable wedding. Glass will be very promising to be a highlight in top wedding décor trends in 2018.

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4. Monochromatic Floral décor      

When choosing a kind of fresh flowers as a centerpiece, you can choose your favorite flower which will remind you of your solemn wedding. Fresh flowers of the same kind embracing the wedding space will create a unique character for their wedding.


5. Purple wedding décor 

What can be more romantic and beautiful than faithful purple being a prominent color for your wedding. A combination of white and purple in harmony creates a fresh and gentle wedding. Purple will become a trending décor in 2018. And, of course, gentle purple cards are indispensable in the type of décor. You may think that this color is only suitable in autumn, but it actually can make your wedding splendid in any season.

wedding décor

6. Balloons wedding décor 

Pretty popular in wedding decorations in our country today, the balloons are never out of date as a highlight on the bride and groom's special day. With just a mix of colors (of course, with correct choice of main colors) and the right amount of balloons, the vibrancy, youthfulness and stylistic will be harmoniously created. You can also use the balloons printed with brides and grooms’ names. Using pink or red love-shaped balloons as a highlight in the wedding is also favored by many couples for it helps to express their love for each other.


Choose a wedding décor trend for your wedding day in 2018

Beautiful wedding decoration not only shows the hospitality to guests but also keeps the beautiful moments for the bride and groom forever after. These are the top wedding décor trends in 2018. If you are preparing for your wedding, you can take a look on the above suggestions to catch up the latest trends. However, you also need to pay close attention when choosing a wedding décor trend to be able to make your wedding day a perfect one

If you are still wondering what wedding décor trend to choose, please contact to receive the most professional advice and our special offers. With a great dedication and wonderful quality, we hope to help you with impressive wedding ideas for your important day.

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