Top wedding trends in 2018

Wedding ceremony is an important event in people’s lives. All couples certainly want their weddings to be perfect. If you still hesitate over what to do in this significant event, let BLISS help you! Please refer to some suggestions about top wedding trends in 2018 below. Hopefully, these suggestions can inspire you with some ideas to prepare for a wonderful wedding. Let's take a look at some of the most impressive trends in this year's wedding season and discover what's behind them!

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Top outstanding wedding trends in 2018

1. Noticeable and romantic outdoor wedding.

 Let the guests of the bride and groom be more comfortable with outdoor wedding ceremony which not only brings enjoying cool outdoor space or the blue sky, but can also become more special by adding some melodious music. You can also decorate this outdoor party with fresh flowers to add some more colors but still bring something subtle for the party. Outdoor wedding is predicted to be one of top wedding trends in 2018. Young couples choose a style that suits you best!

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2. Buffet wedding

For Westerners, buffet wedding is not an uncommon thing when it comes to wedding. But for the Vietnamese, this is still a new trend because while buffet wedding often lasts for a whole day, a typical Vietnamese wedding is normally organized either in the afternoon or in the evening. However, this is also in top wedding trends in 2018 for couples who like to have fun and want to extend their wedding party.

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3. “Natural” Wedding

This wedding style is simple but has a bit of Western style. Offering a space close to the nature which seems simple but very subtle, “Natural” wedding style will create a special highlight for the wedding. For those who love simplicity, yet sweet and romantic, this is a trend for you. 

With “Natural” wedding style, decoration is especially important. Wooden materials, dried twigs combined with lanterns are often used in “Natural” themes.

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4. Vintage Wedding

The more modern life becomes, the more ancient and simple values young people want to search for. Vintage wedding is a combination of classical, luxurious and artistic styles. Antique items such as old typewriters, paintings or suitcases are used to creates a perfect wedding picture. Instead of canvas, in vintage wedding, wood, lace or burlap will be used to the maximum. All these decorations blend together and create a classic vibe in the wedding. 


5. Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding will be loved by many young people because of the romantic and natural features it creates for the wedding. Instead of being organized in a small space at home or in a restaurant, beaches bring airy space, cool breeze, blue sea creating a natural picture in a romantic wedding. Beach wedding will be a highlighting trend not to be missed in 2018.


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