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Nowadays, Christmas is no longer a holiday for Christians in Europe only. It has become the most anticipated holiday of the year for everyone in the world. Companies, businesses, shopping centers, showrooms, shops and families are busy preparing to decorate their places to welcome a happy Christmas holiday. Let’s take a look at the unique decorating ideas of the BLISS WEDDING & EVENTS VIETNAM – a Christmas decoration company - to pick up an idea for you!

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Bliss Wedding & Events Vietnam – A Christmas decoration company

To blend into Christmas holidays, everywhere is decorated in a shimmering and splendid style. Each year, there is a new trend creating a special characteristic for Christmas season. Let’s go with Bliss Wedding & Events Vietnam - a Christmas decoration company - to look at some of the most stunning Christmas decoration trends for this 2018 Xmas.

Traditional trends

Red is the most common color for Christmas. This natural style is one of the most popular trends: a large pine tree with red spherical light-bulbs, glitter tinsel strings, vibrant baubles. These things are combined together, creating a highlight and a cozy feeling for your space. We cannot miss out candles, red or white flower vases, laurel wreaths for this kind of decoration. Don’t forget to put some gift boxes under the tree and a white star in the top of the pine tree.

Christmas Decoration

Modern trends

In a modern, luxurious space, the decoration should be consistent and harmonious. Bliss Christmas decoration company often use the main colors of yellow and silver with sparkling lights, which will definitely make your space become perfect and outstanding.

You can decorate in white and silver or blue theme to bring a powerful Christmas effect.

You can use the decorative accessories like led lights to have a refreshing and modern style.

The snowflake decoration also provides a modern look for every space.

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Vintage style

Vintage style is the most commonly used décor. It is a clever combination between classic and modern. To apply this trend, the Bliss Christmas decoration company will choose the most outstanding colors such as bronze, pink, turquoise, lemon or mint green, etc. Not only making the space elegant, this decoration also contributes to point out the highlight and expanse the space.

And to add a bit of impression, you can decorate the pine tree with poinsettia flowers or spray a bit of fake snow to draw people’s attraction.

In a classic style, you can add transparent glass items or colorless ornaments, rough woods, dried branches, statues, candlesticks.

Christmas Decoration

In the usual vintage style, the pine tree is often placed near the fireplace highlighted with accessories such as Christmas socks, stars, bow ties, dried pine cones, etc. It is possible to bring the whole "Christmas" into your space with such simple, elegant and delicate things.

In order to match the feng-shui, beside the color choice, you can use the accessories having the same color with the main theme.

Bliss Wedding & Events – A Professional Christmas Decoration Company

Depending on the space and on your preferences, you can decorate a suitable space to bring a warm and cozy atmosphere for Christmas.


Bliss Christmas Decoration Company specializes in consulting, designing, planning ideas of Xmas Decoration for businesses, restaurants, hotels, showrooms, households. We have many years of experience in the field of Christmas decoration. To meet the increasing demand from customers, Bliss always update new trends of decorations to create a sparkling and luxury space for customers who need to promote their business image through Christmas season. Feel free to contact us for more tips and ideas to bring beautiful decorations for your space in the upcoming Christmas season.

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