Xmas Decoration in Vietnam

As Christmas is coming near, everyone is busily preparing their houses decorated as beautiful as and as impressive as possible to enjoy Christmas and New Year Holiday together with their family and friends. There are so many ideas for a perfect decoration in your house, but how should we decorate our house? Bliss Wedding & Event in Vietnam will share the most favored Vietnam Xmas decoration trends nowadays to provide some more decoration suggestions for this season. Let’s check them out with us!

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Vietnam Xmas decoration trends in 2018

Together with those gorgeous decorations at the shopping malls, hotels, coffee shops, many families are still embellishing their houses, bringing the Christmas feel for your relatives and friends to gather in the cold Christmas Eve and wait for an upcoming happy new year.

Xmas decoration with Christmas Tree

Vietnam Xmas decoration - Pine is the indispensable symbol of Christmas. It can be found everywhere, house-to-house, street-to-street. There are many ways to decorate the tree, both simple and complicated decorations, bringing the gorgeous appearance for the tree and the harmonious atmosphere for the common area.

The traditional red and green are usually used on the Christmas Tree. However, you can decorate the tree with white or golden color if there is a deluxe space. For this kind of colors, you can use LED string lights and snow cotton fluff, highlighted with the Christmas laurel wreath and bells. 


And, don’t forget to put the gifts with bows under the tree. On the top of the tree, remember to put on a poinsettias bow or bells. For the silver or golden color, you could combine these colors with string lights for a more luxurious and unique atmosphere in your house.

In addition, there is the classical decoration trend for Christmas, which is depended on your own hobby and your house’s colors.

Laurel wreaths for the door!
Beside the Christmas tree, the laurel wreath is one of the most essentials Vietnam Christmas decoration elements in every family. It would be extraordinary if you hang a laurel wreath in your front door. Moreover, you could hang the laurel wreath at the top of the fireplace, at the door knob or on the outside of the front door.


These days, laurel wreaths are not only made of pine trees with simple styles but also designed in various and creative patterns, making your house become more impressive.

Laurel wreaths from the trunk
Simple laurel wreaths with bows
Laurel wreaths with berries

Laurel wreaths from pine cones

Dining table decoration

If you want to have a small party on Christmas Eve, remember to decorate the dining table and make it so beautiful that you and your family can enjoy the cozy moments together.

It is necessary to choose a tablecloth that fits the room and expresses the theme. White, red, green or white-red tablecloths would be the perfect choice for Christmas Eve.

Creating highlights by combining small white pots on the table with red tablecloths would probably be the ideal combination for any Christmas holiday.

You can use small, beautiful ornaments such as spheres, flowers, glass jars/bottles, candles or fake snowflakes... to create a romantic and peaceful Christmas atmosphere.


Vietnam Xmas decoration with Elegance style

In addition to the traditional red and green color, to create a more luxurious and eye-catching space, yellow or white will be the most suitable color for Xmas decoration in Vietnam. This year, we can break the style and decorate in a new way to build up an attractive place. However, whichever style is chosen, it would be extremely cozy and beautiful as well.

LED light is an indispensable decorative item for Christmas. Colorful lights are decorated all over the streets, creating a different atmosphere for Christmas.



To make your space become more luxurious, you can also use Christmas candles. Its light will create a world of shimmering color, which is extremely interesting.

To create a joyful atmosphere for Christmas, let’s join in with Bliss Wedding & Events to create new decorating ideas for this winter. Hope that these Bliss' ideas for Xmas decoration in Viet Nam could help you figure out your most favorite style and then bring the cozy feel of Christmas to your house.
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