Christmas decoration in Vietnam

Although there is no snow, no smell of cinnamon in the air, no gingerbread cookies in Vietnam, people here are still eagerly waiting for Christmas. Christmas is considered as the time to gather with relatives after a busy year and look forward to a new year. One of the best ways to bring Christmas atmosphere to everyone is to decorate your house magnificently with pine trees, Christmas balls, glitter tinsel strings, led lights, sparkling candles. In every Christmas, there are many new ideas for Christmas decoration in Vietnam. This year, we have some more unique and different Christmas decoration styles.

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Extraordinary Christmas decoration in Vietnam

Christmas decorations with pine trees

What if a real Christmas tree cannot fit your living space or you want to save money or you want to use a different kind of pine tree every year? Christmas decoration in Vietnam with pine trees surely become one of the most extraordinary ideas for this upcoming Christmas season.

Spending a large piece of wall decorating pine trees will be an interesting idea that not taking up too much space or money but Christmas is still in the air. You can attach a pair of socks, Santa Claus or use led lights to hang on that tree to create an exceptionally sparkling Christmas tree.


Christmas decorations with special accessories

To create a delight, happy and cozy Christmas, people tend to choose sparkling Christmas decorations with laurel wreaths, socks, baubles, snowflakes or strings - the first choice in everyone’s mind. These Christmas decorations in Vietnam are not only make a cozier atmosphere but also bring a special meaning.


Christmas laurel wreaths

Laurel wreath is one of the most familiar symbols of Christmas. This item is not only a way of waiting for Christmas but also represents the hope for a brighter future, a warm spring after a dark, cold winter.

The laurel wreath is most used for door decoration; therefore, if you want a simple décor, just hang the laurel wreath on the door.


Christmas socks

A pair of Christmas socks made of wool or felt is a meaningful gift for warm feeling, bringing blessings. Besides, socks are not only the symbol of hope and warmth but also an item to decorate a more beautiful house.

"Merry Christmas" hanging strings

The hanging string with "Merry Christmas" is also one of the most useful Christmas decorations in Vietnam. The letters are threaded and fixed through a red thread so that you can hang wherever you like. You can hang this line at the door, window frame, or on a big mirror.

Christmas stars

The colorful five-pointed stars often appear in Christmas season. The star becomes one of the symbols in Christmas season and is hang at the most solemn place as it symbolizes the birth of God. The light of the star is also representing the dignity and success of human.



Baubles or Christmas balls to decorate the pine trees are shaped in spheres, painted with many colors such as red, blue, yellow, purple and have hooks to hang up. The baubles have the meaning of giving power and optimism so that the children can grow up smart and become stronger after failures.


Dried pine cones

Pine cones are also commonly used for Christmas decoration in Vietnam. Its meaning is the beginning of great achievements. If you like simplicity and do not be too picky, dried pine cones are the right choice for you.


Candy sticks

The J-shaped candy stick shaped like an ordinary cane in white and red stripes is use to for Christmas decorations as the way to express the love and sacrifice of Jesus.

Christmas candles

The images of candles flickering on the table, in the living room, in the bedroom, etc. help the atmosphere of Christmas night becomes warmer and more romantic. This is the sign that Christmas season - the season of love and sharing happiness - has come.


Window decorations

Let’s make the monotonous, boring windows become more impressive with new styles of Christmas decoration in Vietnam. The window which is beautifully decorated with amazing accessories will dispel the cold, gloomy atmosphere of winter and bring warmth to every family.

Decorate the space by the stairs

Most people just focus on decorating the main room in the house but ignore the minor space like stairs. To create the highlight for your house, let’s create your décor with long woolen socks, ribbons, wreaths to make your stairs brighter on Christmas Eve.


A little variation with small decorating items will make your home become really attractive on Christmas day.

Christmas decoration in Vietnam

As Christmas is coming near, people everywhere are preparing to decorate for Christmas in their own way. With that in mind, BLISS WEDDING & EVENT IN VIETNAM provides Christmas decoration services to create a sparkling space for your home or for customers who want to promote their image and brand in the upcoming Christmas season. Please contact us and BLISS will help customers to build ideas, design perspectives and solve all problems for customers for the best Christmas decoration in Vietnam.

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