Christmas Decoration with the modern style

On Christmas Holiday in Vietnam, everyone is busy preparing for decorating their living space and even their offices. Therefore, finding a new way to decor the places is the first priority of many people. Let's take a look at some modern decorating styles for Christmas Decoration in Vietnam through the following article by Bliss Events & Décor Vietnam:

Christmas decoration with modern style

For many, referring to the Christmas season also refers to the familiar colors such as red, silver, white and green. However, the use of these familiar colors might make everyone feel bored of the same settings for every year.

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam

In order to celebrate Christmas with the new decor ideas which is suitable for any luxury space, let's figure out  some suggestions from Bliss Events & Decor Vietnam.

1. Point the traditional colors when decorating

In modern style, we only need to decorate red, green in some places to make a highlight, such as a small pine tree on the table, or use the bright red items in white or cream-colored places.

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam

Bliss Events & Décor Việt Nam

2. Combine the new colors

You could also use familiar Christmas decorations such as wreaths, fruits, stars, gift boxes, etc. yet let's not choose the traditional colors mentioned above. You can combine many other colors like black - white - yellow, purple - yellow, red - silver, blue - green ... for these accessories.

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam

3. Rustic style

Try the Christmas decorating style with accessories made of transparent glass or wooden (dried branches, statues, candlesticks, tables, etc.) or using the ornaments having European style such as white snow, sheep, reindeer ... These are the modern decorative items, bringing the impression of a rustic and cozy places on the festival day.

Bliss Events & Décor Việt Nam

4. The minimalist decoration

No need for large trees, we can manually handle miniature decorations from dried pineapples and small pots.

In addition, decorative lights will add sparkling look for your places. Decorate the LED lights in places such as windows, doors, stairs, ... to brighten the space in the middle of the cold winter.

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam

Bliss Events & Décor Việt Nam

Professional Festival Decoration Company in Vietnam

Bliss Vietnam hopes that these Christmas decorating ideas with the newest styles will give you freshly inspiration for decoration. If your company is looking for a professional Festival Decoration in Vietnam, contact Bliss Events & Décor Vietnam right now for a luxurious setting for your space!

Christmas Decoration in Vietnam
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