Ideas for Vietnamese wedding gifts

Guests nowadays notice Wedding gifts or “Thank you” gifts. It’s not just a Western wedding custom anymore; Vietnamese also consider it as a good thing to show their appreciation for the guest. However, with a rich traditional country like Vietnam, the gifts must be chosen carefully to make sure everyone will feel comfortable with it. Let’s find out some wedding ideas for gifts that suit Vietnamese styles. Wedding ideas for guest gifts in Vietnamese style

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Wedding ideas for guest gifts in Vietnamese style

Traditional related

The ideas for tradition related gifts such as a fan, regional specialities etc. seem to fit well with Vietnamese customs. This will make the elder feel proud and consider the couples as thoughtful and mature persons.


Traditional Vietnamese fan as gifts for wedding guests

Things that need everyday

Vietnamese people sometimes are very practical with gifts. They always joke that they need a gift that can help them in daily routine. So, for wedding gifts, the couple can present some of the needed thing like artistic chapstick or beautiful candles … It’s not only realistic but also can remind them about your wedding day when they use it.



Deserts and sweets

It may be a habit that some of the Vietnamese guest can’t wait for deserts in wedding. They leave before we serve it. So, the idea of present the guest sweets as thank you gifts becomes the easiest way in Vietnam.

wedding design

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