10 tips for a successful corporate event in Vietnam

Planning a corporate event in Vietnam can be extremely stressful for many people because of a series of preparations before an event. Let's find out what we can do to organize a successful event, whether a small or a large one.

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Tips for a successful corporate event in Vietnam

1. Prepare early

Getting ready for everything is never a waste. If you are preparing for a big event, plan for the event four to six months in advance. If it is a smaller one, be prepared for at least one month in advance before the event taking place. Certainly, no one wants to start an event while signing contracts or dealing with payments. Make sure all contracts are completed before the corporate event in Vietnam takes place at least 1 to 2 weeks.

2. Know how to negotiate

During the preparation of the event, the actual costs will usually exceed your first estimation or there are even extra expenses. You can deal with the service providers for your event, such as negotiating with the flower vendor to reduce their fixed cost by 5-10%. However, keep in mind that you should create a win-win situation to keep a good relationship with the vendors.

3. Be flexible

Do you need to change the venue because the stage is outdoors but the weather is often raining suddenly? Or maybe your partner providing the sound system suddenly go bankrupt? As our lives are full of unforeseen events, you need to be flexible and active to respond to unexpected situations while preparing for a corporate event in Vietnam.

4. Assign the tasks

If the event you are planning has many different tasks (issuing invitations, preparing transportation, preparing wine parties, etc.), let divide the work clearly for each person. Being assigned a specific task, the team members will be more responsible and better understand the details of that task.

5. Have a place to share work progress

You don’t have to gather everyone to your room/office to report on the preparation. Make a shared online document or a group for your team to know the person in charge of each specific task, or your partners’ contact. Your team can also discuss if there are problems while preparing for the corporate event in Vietnam.

6. Have a backup plan

You should not set up only one single plan and expect this plan would run smoothly from start to the end. As mentioned above, during the preparation, we may encounter a lot of unexpected events interrupting the event. Always ask yourself, "If this plan does not work out, do we have any other alternative?" and set up a backup plan to save time if you are unlucky facing unexpected problems.

7. Rehearse the event

When you have already prepared everything for the event, rehearse the event in advanced (about 1-2 weeks before the event). Just like a speaker must practice his own lecture before preaching to the audience, you must run through the corporate event in Vietnam with your team. It is necessary for you to see if there is any problem in the entire program. It is ideal if you could rehearse the program right at the event venue.

8. Take pictures of events

Whether you are holding a small or big event, remember to keep the moment at your event through photos. These photos are the evidence of a successful event as well as a way to help you look back on your own event. Remember to take some photos of the whole event or the photos of the guests enjoying themselves in the event.

9. Use social networks

Using social networks is a method to promote your image and come closer to other people. Before the event, post information about the event on social networks, asking people to share or tag friends into your posts. During and after the corporate event in Vietnam, share pictures or even broadcast live the event to make people feel the event’s atmosphere.

10. Stay connected

Many organizers tend to take a rest after days of preparing for the event. However, after the event, we can still send a thank-you letter to the participants, thereby building trust and networking between the organizers and the partners as well as the guests.

If you have already grasped these tips but you still feel that organizing a corporate event in Vietnam is an extremely difficult job, why not choose an agency specializing in event organization?

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