Choosing the venue for a corporate event in Hochiminh

Choosing an event location is one of the prerequisites that affect the success of an event. You should consider carefully many factors to determine whether a venue is suitable for the event or not. Let’s find out how to organize a corporate event in Hochiminh.

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Notes when organizing a corporate event in Hochiminh

Choose a convenient location

You should choose a venue in the city center or wherever it is convenient for the attendees. For example, if your target audience is mainly students, choose a place near their school. Take a look at the location of the venue in advance to see if the traffic is favorable. As an event organizer, you should also consider parking areas or whether the surrounding environment is too noisy (eg. The venue is near structures under construction, which may affect your event) etc.


Based on the requirements of the event

If you are planning for an intimate get together event, choose places like hotel halls, small meeting rooms, etc. If you have physical activities in your program, you need to choose a space that is comfortable enough for the participant to move around. You should also be aware of the weather if you choose to go outdoors, especially when you organize a corporate event in Hochiminh during the rainy season.

Secure the event area

However crowded an event can be we always have to pay attention to the safety and preservation of property for both participants and organizers, especially for outdoor events. You should plan for safety and property protection for everyone, eg. asking the attendant to bring ticket. In addition, we should also consider accidents such as fire, flooding. Check out the exits, plan your evacuation if there is any problem, and know how to contact the nearest hospital or police. Never be subjective because everything can happen at your corporate event in Hochiminh.


Costs and services

Before making the final decision to select an event venue, you should refer to different event venues and compare these venues. Quality of service as well as the price is important criteria to help you make the final decision. If you choose an affordable place, which is appropriate for your budget, you can save a lot of money. In addition, you also need to find out if there are additional services such as free soft drinks, free snacks or sound and lighting system at that location or not. As there are many places to rent for your corporate event in Hochiminh, it would be easier to compare the rental services here.


Set up before the event

Typically, the venue’s owner will give the lessee about half of a day or one day to set up the stage, hang banners, backdrops, decorate tables, and more. However, if the event venue in Ho Chi Minh City is quite "hot" (there is another event just completed right before your event), you should ask for details about the preparation time. You can also ask the lessor to set up the program for you (if so you need to ask if there are any extra fee).


The company specializes in organizing events in Ho Chi Minh

If you don’t have experience in choosing a venue for a corporate event in Hochiminh, please contact Bliss Events in Vietnam - an Event Organizer Agency - for better advice.

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