Amazing notes for event decoration in Hochiminh

Decorating an impressive and gorgeous event is the way to create a favorable feeling in the mind of the attendees. Therefore, while preparing the event, what can we do to make everything perfect? Go with Bliss Vietnam to learn some tips for event decoration in Hochiminh right now!

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What you need to do for event decoration in Hochiminh?

1. Make a detailed plan on paper

Do you want to plan for a perfect event decoration? Certainly, there will be a series of ideas in your head from the beginning. Don’t let those ideas messed up in your head! In every job, as “well begun is half done”, you have to have a detailed outline before start doing anything. Take out your notebook and take note everything you can think about, such as:


2. Event venue

If you have selected the venue, please write down the details of that venue. If it is a hall, record the length and width of the hall. If the venue has a special feature such as an additional floor, a fixed projector, you must take note everything.


In case the venue has a ceiling, you have to see whether the ceiling is high enough to create a spacious space or it is a low ceiling making people feel cramped. Or, if you organize outdoor events, pay close attention to the surroundings and natural objects (trees, rivers, lakes, etc.) at that location.

3. Budget for decorations

Record the budget for your event and see how much the cost for an event decoration in Hochiminh could be.

4. Event time

The decor of a morning event is very different from the decoration for an evening event. Decorative items must be specific for the day or evening.

5. The event’s purpose

Event decorations in Hochiminh City also depend on the purpose of the event: celebrations, meetings, weddings, festivals, music festivals, seminars, contests, etc.

6. Guests

You must also record the age of the attendee. Maybe it will be children, young people, middle-aged people or all age groups. If you are targeting at the guest with a particular job or social status, you must also record it.


7. Preparation time

Record the time you have to prepare for the event. Pay attention to the human resources and materials you have in preparation. Find out about the companies providing materials for event decoration in Hochiminh and choose the suitable one in your team to do the decoration work.

8. Select the event theme in Ho Chi Minh

Once you know what you need for your event, think about the appropriate theme suitable with these conditions (preparation time, venue, attendee, purpose, etc). Here are a few suggestions Bliss Vietnam can tell you:

- If the venue is an old but spacious hall, fresh flowers will be the most suitable item, and other natural accessories will also reduce the sense of an exotic, old place. The fresh decor will make the place become lively.


- If the venue is a hall with modern design, the natural decorations would not be suitable. In a place where many modern devices like chandeliers or geometrically shaped lights, geometric designs will be more appropriate. Fresh flower decoration is also okay, but it must match the event theme.

- If you organize an outdoor event where there are many natural objects such as flowers, trees, and lakes, these things will be the pros for you to decorate the event. With a beachside event in the evening, you can use the shells and multicolored LEDs to decorate.


- If you have the event decoration in Hochiminh done in the evening, you should focus on the decorations with lights or sparkling accessories.

- A kid’s birthday party needs cute decorations, such as cartoon characters, balloons, colorful ribbons, etc.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to follow a specific standard. It would be more unexpected if you break the rules. You just need all the decorations from the gates, the stage, the table, etc. are consistent with each other.


Carrying out event decoration in Hochiminh

If you just spend hours planning on paper, your event will never be successful. Once you have a plan, you need to divide the work for everyone in your team, choosing the place to rent decorations, decorating the theme, fixing what isn’t good, and finishing decoration at the venue.

The event decoration in Hochiminh City can be done by anyone as it seems to be simple. However, an event with eye-catching and creative decorations will attract more people. Contact Bliss Events in Vietnam today to have a unique decoration for your event now!

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