Lighting system for event decoration in Saigon

It can be said that sound and lighting system is an extremely important element in an event. The lighting system can influence the decorations, contributing the atmosphere of the event. Let's see how we can arrange the lighting system for event decoration in Saigon!

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The lighting system for event decoration in Saigon

At the wedding ballroom, it is common that the lighting system has been installed already so that the organizers just add some lights where needed. However, for an event decoration in Saigon in outdoor or large venues such as football fields, school grounds, etc., the organizers must be carefully design the entire lighting system, ensuring lighting for the whole event. The organizers should have installed the light before the event start at least 1-2 days and rehearse to see what is not suitable and adjust it.


Also, as lighting is a way of sending messages to the attendance, we need to choose the color of the light when decorating. For example: red brings a sense of self-confidence, green color is associated with the continuous development or orange shows the dynamic and creative spirit. Depending on the purpose of the program you can choose the colors and decorations accordingly.

The lighting system used in every event decoration in Saigon often have many types of lights such as track lights, chandeliers, multi-color LED lights, etc. In order to use these lights flexibly, the organizer should ensure that the entire system is operating normally as well as there is an experienced team to control the lights.

What about the cost of lighting system? This cost depends on some factors: the market, date of event (in peak season or not), event location, types of lights, theme of event, etc. However, you don’t need to worry too much about the cost as there are many companies offering rental lighting system at competitive prices.


Unique ideas of lighting system for event decoration in Saigon

1. Use LED furniture lights

Some types of seats or tables available today are often decorated with lights. You can place furniture lights at tea break area or a networking area. However, even though this idea is quite unique, we should not apply it to large venues.


2. Candles, candles and candles

Using candles for event decoration in Saigon is also one of the greatest ideas. Candles can bring a warm and pleasant atmosphere. We also have some ways to decorate the space with candles: placing candles in glass holders or paper covers. However, the drawback of using candles is that the fire can easily spread out and causing dangerous situations. To avoid this disaster, you should use candle cups or make sure guests do not approach the candlelit area.


3. LED lights

LED lights, which are often used in every event, have taken over the lighting market recently. This type of light has many advantages: no heating up, no need power plugs yet only batteries, the color of the light is various, the lights is small but very bright.

Using LED lights is a good option for events: you can hang LED lights all around the hall or create a glorious backdrop with LED lights. Another creative idea is to attach LED bulbs to a large text frame to highlight the content of the text.


Decorating lighting system is a necessary part of the event decor. The lights, flowers, reception tables, photo frames, etc., must be in harmony with each other to make a successful event. If you are in need of a consultant for event decorations (from lighting and sound system to fresh flowers, reception tables, greetings, etc.), let’s look for a service of event decoration in Saigon for more detailed information about the quality, price, preparation time. Professional event organizers will always listen to their customers and give the best suggestions.

Bliss Events in Vietnam - one of the companies with many years of experience in decorating and organizing events & weddings - will be a reliable name for event decoration in Saigon in particular and in the whole country in general. With the unique aesthetics and creativity, Bliss will try our best to help our customers experience the best service. Please contact Bliss Events in Vietnam for a dedicated, professional service now!

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