Using colors to decorate your corporate events

When organizing events in Ho Chi Minh City, we often pay attention to the content such as themes, scripts, entertainment services... without paying attention to event decoration in Vietnam. It can be denied that colors have some psychological effects on your attendees. Using color at your event can be a great way to create a mood for your event. So, how can we decorate the event with a main concept of color?

Corporate event in Vietnam

Using colors to decorate your corporate events

When using the right colors, we can transform a normal space into a more luxurious one, from a narrower space into a more spacious one... It can be said that the choice of decorative color for your corporate event in Vietnam depends on many things, including:

The seasons of the year

In spring, when the weather is rather cool, you can choose hot colors like red, yellow, pink or green, blue, showing the freshness and liveliness.

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Summer events should use soft, light colors of blue, light green, coral pink,... to cool down the summer heat.

The cream colors or violet, navy blue are romantic tones for fall.

With year-end events, the organizers can choose warm colors such as orange or red to create warmth for the space.

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The main color of the brand

This is the way professional decoration contributes to the brand identity for businesses. However, there are some color tones such as brown, black, gray,... which is difficult to decorate. If it is not well coordinated with other colors, the decor can easily distract the eye of attendees, making event space becomes less modern, and less dynamic.

Corporate event in Vietnam

The venue’s space

In the narrow space, using light colored tones (white, cream, pink, etc.) combined with the lighting system for event decoration in Saigon will bring a feeling of a wider venue.

In contrast, to create a sense of small space, use dark colors to create a warm and evocative atmosphere.

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In addition, depending on the purpose of the event, the organizers can choose the appropriate color to decorate. For example, Bliss Events & Decor Vietnam would use bronze or golden for formal and luxurious events, and green or orange color for dynamic events with some physical activities, etc.

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To have a color themed decoration, it requires the designers to have a high aesthetic mind combined with the ingenuity and ability to materialize their great ideas into real life. The entire event spaces, including greetings areas, stages or background or lighting systems, etc. must be consistent in a fixed color scheme but stylized and well-blended so that the guests wouldn’t feel boring.

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To organize events with a main color tone, businesses should look for a professional event decoration company in Vietnam like Bliss Events & Decor Vietnam. Contact Bliss today for more detailed advice!

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