Decorate fresh flowers for your special events

The use of fresh flowers for decoration is currently the leading trend of event decoration, especially for wedding parties or luxurious events. Let’s learn about fresh flower decoration as well as some kinds of flowers used for event decorations through the following article by Bliss Events & Décor Vietnam:

Decorate fresh flowers for your events

Fresh flowers can be used for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, year-end parties, meetings, company anniversary, etc. Fresh flowers not only show luxuriousness and personalized concept but also express their own message.

Flower decoration

In events ranging from large to small scale, we can use fresh flowers for luxury event decoration in Vietnam. Fresh flowers can turn the party space become alive and more attractive.

Normally, there are many kinds of flowers that are chosen to decorate the event, in which the most common are roses, chrysanthemums, phalaenopsis, orchids, sunflowers, etc. These flowers are all beautiful and carrying the sense of optimism and joy in life.

Event decoration in Vietnam

At the weddings or events, fresh flowers are often presented in many different places such as greetings area, backdrop, reception tables, gallery tables, stage, banquet tables, etc.

The messages from some types of fresh flowers used for event decoration


Roses are the flowers that symbolize sweet love, which can be chosen to decorate any type of event.

Normally, we usually decorate roses for wedding parties, music events, or grand opening ceremony, etc.

Event decoration in Saigon

Moreover, roses come in many different colors such as red, pink, white, purple, blue... which is suitable for many different themes and concepts of events.


This flower is as bright yellow as the sun, giving your event a warm and vigorous look, hoping for a brighter and happier future.

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Phalaenopsis is considered the "queen of flowers" because of its gentle and pure appearance. This kind of flower is one of the best choices for fresh flower decoration in luxurious events, weddings, anniversary parties.

Flower design


The tulips symbolize perfect love and are also the symbol of fame, wealth and eternal life. These days, more and more couples choose this flower to decorate their wedding party.

In addition to the domestic flowers, we can also decorate the events or the wedding party with imported flowers such as: red peony from New Zealand, King Sugar Bush, desert roses, orchids from New Zealand, Hydrangea, rose from Ecuador,...

Event decoration in Vietnam

Event decoration in Hochiminh

If you are interested in decorating fresh flowers for your corporate events, luxury wedding parties,... please contact Bliss Events & Décor Vietnam - one of the best event decoration company in Vietnam - for more details about the decorative flowers as well as the planning for your events!

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