Ballroom decoration with an event decoration company in Vietnam

An event held in a hall (banquet hall) or ballroom should be carefully prepared in every detail. It is essential to do a survey on the venue before planning the event. So, how will an event decoration company in Vietnam decorate the event in a ballroom?

If we organize an event in a ballroom, we have to pay attention to a lot of things: the number of tables and chairs, the number of guests, the sound - lighting system, the table cloths, the curtains, etc. Arranging the layout for the whole ballroom is a prerequisite to decorate each part.


Decorating the ballroom with an event decoration company in Vietnam


Though curtain is the backdrop, changing the curtains is changing the appearance of the whole ballroom. An event decoration company in Vietnam often pays attention to the fabric used and the patterns on the curtains. Besides the pattern, color is also an important factor when choosing curtains. Yellow is a good choice to make up a warm and cozy space for the hall.


Another issue that needs to be addressed is seating arrangements. Organizers will have to decide the position of the center stage to arrange the honor seats for the event. If the seats are divided into rows rather than round tables, companies should arrange an even number of seats for every row. If it's a fashion show or wedding, the event decoration company in Vietnam can arrange a red carpet in the middle of the floor.


Moreover, if the events in the conference hall have a networking part or physical activities, an event decoration company in Vietnam also need to arrange enough space and place the decorations properly so as not to block these activities’ way.

Banquet tables

An event in the ballroom accompanied by a party will require banquet table arrangement. Normally, we will arrange 10 people to sit at the same table. However, depending on the width of the table, sometimes we will have to set up 6 or 8 people sitting at the same table. Moreover, an event decoration company in Vietnam should also plan table decorations such as the material and color of tablecloths, chair covers, vases, etc.


Seats of Honor

The seats of honor are usually placed in the first row of the ballroom. The table cloths at this place should have a different pattern with other rows of seats. Moreover, the organizers also have to pay attention to decorate these seats of honor. An event decoration company in Vietnam often uses fresh flowers such as roses, orchids to decorate the tables of honor.


Sound and lighting system

It is not exaggeration to say that the light is the life of the whole ballroom. Light makes the hall become lively and vivid. We will use both the built-in lights and the portable lights for the hall. The decorator for the event should also focus on placing decoration items such as decorative ribbons, gallery areas not blocking the projector or the sound and lighting system.


Professional Event Decoration Company in Vietnam

Banquet hall or ballroom is an area commonly used for events such as workshops, product launches, weddings, celebrations, etc. A ballroom which is gloriously but cozily decorated will make a deep impression in the mind of participants. In order for the attendants to feel comfortable and attentive to the content, the event space needs to be professionally decorated. Every event decoration company in Vietnam can certainly do this job as they have many years of experience decorating the hall and decorating all kinds of events and festivals. If you are planning to host an event in the ballroom, let’s rest assured that any event decoration company in Vietnam can do their best for you.


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