Tips for event decoration in Vietnam

While planning an event, it is likely that the organizer will need to select necessary decoration items and plan purchase them. So, what are the most used items for event decoration in Vietnam? Let's find out with Bliss Vietnam:

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Tip for Vietnam event decoration

Vietnam event decoration with fresh flowers

Fresh flower is the most commonly used item in all kinds of event decoration in Vietnam. The type of flowers used will be different depending on the topic of the event or on customer requirements. However, the flowers used most in the event are probably roses as they have many colors and pleasant fragrance. When selecting fresh flowers, the organizers also have to pay attention to choose flowers having nice smell, not making the participants feel uncomfortable.

In addition to fresh flowers, we can also use dried flowers, paper flowers, or artificial flowers as they are reusable and can be combined in various types of flower arrangements.


Vietnam event decoration with decorative flags

Although this item is less noticeable in an event decoration in Vietnam, the participants would feel they’ve missed something very important without a colorful string of flags. In addition to the traditional triangular flags, we can create others kinds of flags with ribbons, heart-shaped flags, patterned flags, etc.

Organizers can also print text on this decorative flags to further emphasize the message or the name of the event on it.


Vietnam event decoration with balloons

This is also a popular decorative item for Vietnam event decorations, especially in decorating birthday, anniversaries, etc. Similar to fresh flowers, the color of the balloons will depend on the organizer's plan. People usually choose the balloons of one color, or two colors (white - blue for example) to decorate a part of the event area.

Vietnam event decoration with photo frame

Photo frame is also the highlight of the event decoration in Vietnam. Depending on the level of intimacy of each event, we will choose the frame when decorating that event. In an event aiming at introducing products or connecting business partners, we need to choose a simple photo frame, focusing on the main content of the image. In anniversary or birthday parties, you can choose more luxurious photo frames to create the highlight for the gallery area.

In addition, there are many events setting aside a small area to display photos. Decorating this area in a harmonious layout will also create the impression of your event.


There is also an item used in many events which can also be listed as a frame: it is the photo booth frame. These frames imitate a post on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, catching the eye of those who use social networks frequently, and even having hashtags to spread the message of the event.

Vietnam event decoration with lights

The organizers often use lights that have both lighting function and decorative effects for the event area, especially for evening events. The light bulb installed in suitable position, not too dazzling to the attendant, is also an effective decorative item. Recently, people often choose LED lights to decorate the venue because of the flexibility as well as the various colors of the lights.

In addition, on some occasions such as Lunar New Year or Mid-Autumn Festival, people also use lanterns for Vietnam event decoration. Although these lanterns are electrically lighted, lanterns still make a favorable impression on those who love traditional beauty.



Mascot is also a special item in every event decoration in Vietnam. Mascots are often displayed at outdoor events, especially at launches, to attract people's attention. In addition, some brands also have their own mascot, which makes customers easily recognize their brand.


Where to purchase items for event decoration in Vietnam?

Usually, you can find the above items at almost every Vietnam event decoration. Depending on the purpose or the theme of the event, people will have other specialized items. These items can be ordered at event decoration suppliers, even in traditional markets.

However, if you feel that buying these items one by one is too complicated and time-consuming, try contacting an event organization company to get ready for the preparation in the shortest time! Let’s rest assured that an event decoration company like Bliss Events in Vietnam will definitely listen to your ideas and give advice on how to have an eye-catching and worthy event decoration in Vietnam.

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