Top Event Organizers in Vietnam

In recent years, the demand for branding and service advertising of enterprises has been rapidly growing along with the growth of event organizing services. Event is the fastest and most accurate channel to approach, communicate with potential customers. As the result, corporate brands become more popular through the media, and further strengthen good relationship for businesses. If you are finding ideas for your advertising campaigns, please take a look on the Top Event Organizers in Vietnam.

Top Event Organizers in Vietnam for 2018

1. Bliss Vietnam (Bliss Wedding & Events)

Event Gallery organized by Bliss Events in Vietnam: CLICK HERE

Over the years of operation and development, BLISS is now becoming one of the most prestigious and professional event organizers in Vietnam. It has successfully organized many important events, built strong brands and received the trust of customers. Bliss is one of the leading event organizers in Vietnam in 2018 with a team of experienced and enthusiastic people who are always creative with every event and that makes a difference. Bliss directly puts forward great ideas to bring perfect services to customers. Everything is carefully prepared, even the smallest details. Bliss Events in Vietnam is always committed to provide customers with the most innovative and innovative solutions in the field of event organizing.


2. Square Group

Square Group has always attracted many businesses and large corporations in the country because the company always brings new organizing style and ideas made by the experienced, capable and professional staff. Square Group will be a perfect choice if you want to have a wonderful event.


3. Metan

Metan with many years of experience of operation and development in the field of event organizing specializes in organizing events such as musical performances, product introduction, exhibitions, customer conferences... METAN help to advertise businesses’ images, products, services and brands, as a result, give them opportunities to approach more closely with their target customers and strategic partners.


4. Dat Viet event

As one of the leading event organizers in Vietnam, Dat Viet Event has held countless events for large and small businesses in the country and these events have been a great success. Dedication and hard work are always top priorities of Dat Viet. Events, whether large or small, all are organized thoroughly and enthusiastically. Dat Viet will not disappoint you.


5. 2res

With 2rs, regardless of any event, whether large or small, 2rs will use all its resources from finding to putting forward ideas and preparing events in a thoughtful way. It is undeniable that 2rs is very careful, professional. Especially, prestige to the customers is the most important thing to create a strong 2rs brand.


6. Blueman

Blueman is one of top event organizers in Vietnam specializing in the media and event management in Vietnam. With a team of young, dynamic and creative members who are well-trained and professional, Blueman brings differences to different types of customers as well as professional and qualified services.


7. DCT Event

DTC Event is also an event organizer company which brings the best events to customers and businesses. DTC offers such services as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, media advertising, festive events, equipment rental etc. Organizing conferences and seminars is DTC’s strength. DTC's strong team of experienced staff in the industry will help customers organize an event as they wish.


8. Pro Events

As a company specializing in organizing festivals and inauguration, Pro Event always brings a new feeling to every customer when organizing events. With the enthusiasm and dynamism of the staff, all stages of preparation are carefully made by Pro Event, without mistakes even a small one. This will be the place where you can count on for your perfect event.


9. Betanam Communication 

Do not let your event be not special without Betanam because they will give your business a lot of publicity thanks to its grand and careful service. The leading event organizer in Vietnam - Betanam Communication will be the best choice for you when you want to host an event.


10. Flypro

With experience in many fields such as event, film production, music and art, Fly pro deserves to be the leading brand name in Vietnam for event organizing. The prestige and quality make Fly Pro brand and this will be the smart choice if you want to have a successful event.


11. Ri Event

Just established recently, but Ri Event has brought about differentiation and healthy competition with leading event organizers in Vietnam. Ri organizes many events such as new product launch, birthdays or cradles. Thanks to the creativity of the staff, every event that Ri organized is a difference.


Top Event Organizers in Vietnam

Leading event organizers in Vietnam will increasingly affirm their important role as a bridge between business and customers, raising the brand name to a new level. Although the cost is quite high but the services are quite popular in our country today because of their remarkable effect.
Type of events for the businesses
Conference, product introduction workshop
Discussion, Training
Annual conference
Press conference
Opening Ceremony, product selling
Company’s celebrations (New Year's party, corporate banquet ...)
The above are some suggestions on the top professional and prestigious event organizers in Vietnam. Whether your event is successful or not, depending the professional event organizers. So, choose for your business a reliable company to help organize a successful event.

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